Dubai with the family: what to do and what to see!

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We do not often think of a trip to Dubai , the first city in the United Arab Emirates , for a stay with children or teenagers. And yet, Dubai is the destination for families and children kings, the land of mad projects by the thousands. Do you dream of something incredible? Dubai has surely already done this. Over there, the high life, excess, and children’s eyes that sparkle are yours. Swimming at the beach and excursions in the desert are yours.

Why did you choose to go on vacation to Dubai with your family?

The reality is that I wouldn’t have thought of staying in Dubai if my sister-in-law didn’t live there. It is a destination very far from what we are used to doing . And yet, I am happy to have the chance to go there often.

In addition, families who want a change of scenery in peace, will love the security of this country. No theft, no assault on the horizon.

Where to stay and how to get around Dubai as a family with children?

The best is to rent an apartment with a swimming pool in the Marina area or the Jumeirha Lekers Tower , just behind and a little quieter. What you need to know is that all the buildings are equipped with a swimming pool, a tennis court and a gym. The swimming pool is even supervised: if your children are old enough, they can go there alone!

Dubai, history and culture

On the cultural and historical side, there is not much because Dubai is a brand new country. I therefore advise not to miss the rare attractions that allow you to better understand where this city comes from!

The Dubai Heritage Village

It is a museum of traditions and fishing that allows you to see how the Bedouins lived at the time . In addition, you can eat traditional pancakes right next door :).

Right next to it, you can take a small boat along the banks of Dubai Creek and cross the river to reach Deira, one of Dubai’s premier districts . It is a popular place to go for its traditional markets . Souk of perfume, gold, spices… a real Ali Baba’s cave.

For the rest, the hardest part will be choosing between all the activities on offer! Even if you don’t like malls, you shouldn’t miss the ones in Dubai. They were built as amusement parks to appeal to families. In each of these large malls, you will also find a floor dedicated to children, with balloons, cars, etc., and even a service to look after them until midnight!!!!

Butterfly Garden

Here is a very magical garden. Trees shorn in the shape of butterflies and butterflies all over the air, really give it a magical atmosphere that will appeal to children.

Are there any excursions not to be missed during a family trip to Dubai?

We quickly forget that we are in the desert with all this opulence. It is worth going there to enjoy its beauty. You can take a 4X4 excursion in the dunes, visit Bedouin villages, take a camel ride, and even, if you can, sleep a night in the desert…

Nothing to see, but I also recommend taking a trip to the Grand Mosque of Abu Dhabi . By taxi or shuttle, it will take you 1h, 1h20, and this excursion is crazy!

How long and which season do you recommend to visit Dubai with your family?

From 7 to 10 days, you never get bored! But a long weekend is also possible. Between October to May, it seems ideal to me because it is not too hot. If you want to take advantage of the beach for swimming, it will be more then September/October and April/May.

However, you have to adapt, as everywhere when you travel, to the culture and rules of the country: in closed public places (like malls), you will have to wear a vest . But it must be so fresh that you will be happy. In the street, we don’t kiss and we don’t drink alcohol. In mosques, you must cover your legs and arms. Apart from these few rules of use, Western culture and local religious rules coexist perfectly!

What were your disappointments during your trips to Dubai with your family?

I didn’t expect anything and I was seduced by the fun, the luxury and the ease with which one enjoys the holidays here. I even have to say that it’s good to see that, because we realize that with our little financial means, we are much happier! My biggest disappointment is still not being able to mix with the dubaiottes. Everyone lives and enjoys their side. Once we understand it, we go with it.

Finally, are you thinking of essential accessories for a family trip to Dubai?

Here, for once, take your stroller! You will have ramps everywhere to make your life easier. Also think about your swimsuits as well as a little wool for the malls. Other than that, come empty-handed! Diapers, medicines, potties: pharmacies and supermarkets are open 24 hours a day!

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