6 tips for a successful long road trip

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Whether you chose to take your own car or opt for a rental car, know that it is very important to prepare your vehicle for the long journey. In order to prevent breakdowns en route, a good overhaul of the vehicle is essential before the big start. Do not hesitate to open the hood to check for any anomalies, leaks or other defects. These could prevent you from reaching your destination. Don’t forget to check the levels of liquids of all kinds.

Have your vehicle serviced by a professional if you have any doubts

So you can look at engine oil, coolant, brake and transmission fluids. Then, check the inflation and the general condition of the tires before hitting the road, road trip without forgetting the spare wheel. If you are unsure of yourself, a short detour to a specialist/garage is recommended for a more thorough check. However, if you are a handyman and want to save money, we advise you to buy your car accessories online. By opting for this kind of site, you will benefit from very attractive prices to prepare your car before your trip.

Plan your trip before your road trip

You’ve probably already chosen a travel destination for your next family vacation, now it’s time to define the route you are going to take. Some may be tempted to go blind and improvise. But for a long trip by car, it is advisable to define a route in advance with the help of a well detailed map. Also remember to plan the departure by choosing a time suitable for the driver, but also for the passengers. If you want to arrive at a specific date and time at your destination, even plan breaks along the way, especially if you are traveling with children.

Enjoy a beautiful sunset during your long road trip

Once the car is ready, it is now necessary to prepare the luggage. For this, it is obviously necessary to take into account the duration of your family trip. In addition to each passenger’s clothing and personal effects, don’t forget to bring the essentials of a good traveler, such as sun visors, first aid kit, flashlight, safety triangle, yellow vest, mini fire extinguisher, cold drinks and small snacks for the holiday route.

It is important not to overload the car too much. Indeed, a car that is too loaded, especially for a long trip, can become dangerous. So, remember to arrange all the luggage in order to evenly distribute the loads on the vehicle.

Respect safety measures on the road

Before embarking on a long road trip, remember to apply strict safety rules for all passengers, starting with the seat belt . The law obliges us to wear the seat belt on the road at the risk of being liable to a fine.. As for driving, remember to drive carefully while always remaining focused on the road. In addition to limiting speed, also remember to avoid dangerous overtaking and sudden swerving so as not to endanger the life of your family.

Keeping the kids busy during your road Children usually don’t like to go on a long car trip. It is therefore necessary to distract them along the way. So that they don’t get too bored, prepare little games to play with them, or little songs that they prefer. As an alternative, you also have the tablet on which your little toddlers can watch movies or cartoons. Small snack breaks from time to time will also help them pass the time.

Plan a 15-minute stop every 2 hours

Finally, a road trip by car is not one without the breaks along the way. Useful to allow the driver to stretch his legs a little from time to time, these breaks will especially please children who will be able to play for a while on the motorway service areas. Remember, however, to choose a safe place to stop. We recommend a 15 minute stop every 2 hours.

You are now ready for your long road trip. Your holiday rental in France is now waiting for you at the end of the journey (if you have chosen one!), and we can only wish you good luck!

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