What is a Canada PR Card?

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Immigrating to Canada has been a dream for many people. Canada is known for its well-developed infrastructure and universal benefits that it offers. All the people wanting to live, work and settle in Canada, want to get a Canada PR Card.

Canada Permanent Residence Card :- 

A Canada PR Card is an official document given to individuals who have been granted permanent residence by the Government of Canada. It is often shown as a proof by the candidate while traveling in and out of the country.

Eligibility Criteria for Canada PR  

Overall, the candidate must have 67 points in the Canada points grid. The eligibility factors for obtaining a Canadian permanent resident status are as follows –

  • Age Criteria – You must be at least eighteen years old in order to be eligible for immigration to Canada. Applicants above 45 receive a low score due to age criteria. If you are under 18, you can still qualify if you travel with a family who sponsors it for you.
  • Educational requirements – To be eligible for immigration to Canada, you need to hold a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree. Even without a degree, you can be considered qualified if you show that you have completed an education equivalent to four years of university study in Canada. You will need to submit official documentation in order to verify your academic background.
  • Language Proficiency -You must prove your language proficiency in French or English. To be able to prove your language proficiency, one should enroll in a language test such as the IELTS or CELPIP (the Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program). A score of at least CLB 6 or higher is the requirement.
  • Work Experience – You need to have at least one year of work experience in a skilled field in order to be eligible for Canada PR. Work categorized as skill type 0/A /B on the NOC list is considered as skilled employment. Professors in universities, financial analysts, computer programmers, and civil engineers are a few examples of skilled workers.

How does Stark Visas help in getting a Canada PR?

Immigration to Canada is a whole different process which requires proper guidance at every step. Hiring an immigration consultant can improve the chances of the PR application process. Stark Visas is regarded as the Best Canadian Immigration Consultant in India. They have our experts in Canada immigration who will assist you through the PR application process and documentation.

They have helped thousands of applicants to immigrate to their dream destination, Canada. Their years of experience will be an add-on factor for your immigration procedure. Right from the documentation work to post- landing service, they will be there by your side. Here are the top 5 reasons to contact Stark Visas for Canada PR :

Get FREE Eligibility Check 

The first important step of the application process is checking your eligibility. Hiring Stark Visas’ consultants can save your time as they will check your eligibility and give you ways of improving your profile.

Resolving Complex Issues

Although it may seem that it is very easy to obtain a visa, later you will realize that it is a complex process. There are too many steps in order to get a visa. It is not a task that you can do alone. It will require the expertise of a professional immigration consultant.

RCIC/ MARA Verified Consultants 

It is generally advisable that the immigration consultants for Australia immigration should be MARA verified and the consultants for Canada immigration should be RCIC Verified. Stark Visas’ consultants have RCIC/MARA verified. This will give you a surety regarding the visa services they offer.

Documentation Verification Process 

Documentation is an integral part of the PR filing process. One error can cost you a lot. It will lead to rejection of your PR application. The consultants at Stark Visas will ensure that your documents are at the right place. You can be stress-free to know that your documents are submitted on-time and are error-free.

Efficient follow-ups

Once their immigration consultants get in touch with you and they know your immigration dreams then they will be your companion till the end. They have years of experience and are updated with the recent immigration policies. The best part about them is that they are efficient in following up regularly with you.

Contact Stark Visas now to get your Canada PR Card

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