8 reasons to choose camping for your holidays

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Right now, we are all dreaming of serenity, escape and wide open spaces.Why not try one or more campsites in one of the most beautiful regions of France or Europe? The days are getting longer and the temperatures are getting much milder.

Get closer to nature

Who says camping necessarily says nature . Between lakes, rivers, forests, seas and mountains, there are many destinations to pitch your tent and enjoy an exotic setting. Generally located in the heart of nature, campsites give the opportunity to take a cure in the fresh air . Breathe and get back to basics. The trend continues to show the growing interest choose camping of travelers of all ages and backgrounds for camping. City dwellers looking to disconnect are the biggest fans. They want to camp to take advantage of large natural spaces and live outside during vacation time. Get away from the city, stress and pollution to recharge your batteriesby spending his time outside lulled by the only sounds of nature. This is THE reason that makes you want to go camping!

When you pick a camping adventure, you are making a pact with nature itself. Tanzania National Parks are renowned for offering the quintessential camping experience. This is the place where you can trulyget closer to nature in its purest form. Want a glimpse into what this experience entails? Here’s an inkling –waking up to the sounds of the wilderness, watching the stars dance in the moonlight and feeling the grasslands beneath your feet.

Camping is comfortable!

If the campsite suffered from a somewhat rustic image where you sleep on the ground without any comfort, things have changed a lot. Many establishments offer original stays with a wide choice of accommodation. On one side are the pitches, for the die-hards, equipped with their traditional tent. On the other, mobile homes, unusual tents , luxurious dome and other bungalows. Why not take a rental in a campsite, thus making it possible to reconcile a change of scenery, simplicity and comfort? By choosing to rent a mobile home , for example, you benefit from modern comfort and practical equipment.

Many campsites offer luxury stays. “ Glamping ”, a contraction of “glamorous” and “camping”, offers campers the freedom to choose the comfort that suits them. Cabins, yurts, caravans, canvas & wood tents… it’s up to you to choose what best suits your independence and your criteria. Good beds, a stove to warm you up on cold nights and a bathroom if you wish. You won’t miss anything.

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Conviviality and sharing simple moments

Camping often rhymes with family vacations . It must be said that the atmosphere makes everyone enthusiastic! Even if the campsites have largely adapted to the taste of the day, the atmosphere has remained authentic, under the sign of conviviality . There is always this beautiful spirit that promotes encounters. We like to meet in an open space, most often in the middle of nature. On site, among new neighbours, everyone helps each other and gives each other good tips. The children quickly become friends with their new friends, the aperitifs take place at each other’s homes.

Camping is freedom!

Most people go camping to enjoy the simpler things in life. Far from the all-inclusive formulas popular at the end of the 20th century, today, itinerant and independent holidays are on the rise, and so much the better! Leave close to home, take the road and choose to stop where you want when you want, without being dependent on a plane trip, a hotel breakfast or a schedule to follow to the letter. Camping is in vogue because there are no imperatives, only possibilities. With family or friends, enjoying the life of a camper allows you to break your routine and change your pace.

There are campsites everywhere in France  ! Direction Landes, Hautes-Alpes, Calvados, Cantal, Drôme or Ardèche. But also in the four corners of Europe, from Italy to Croatia, from Spain to Switzerland. Whatever the region, whether you prefer the sea or the mountains , holidays in the forest or at the edge of a lake, you will easily find a campsite that meets your desires. On your way, you will certainly find outdoor accommodation to spend the night or more if you like.

Fill up on outdoor activities

Almost all campsites have been modernized and offer a wide choice of leisure activities , for all ages and tastes. Whether you are sport or idleness, you will necessarily find what you are looking for. Petanque , water aerobics and table tennis tournaments are still popular, but establishments are now developing their offer by offering canoeing, rafting, climbing, hiking, walking or cycling, golf or even surfing . Around the campsites, there is also entertainment , as these are often located near tourist areas.

As early as the 1950s, camping was the most accessible way for the French to go on vacation. Even today, camping is enjoying growing success for economic reasons. And when you want to go on vacation with your family, the price is a significant criterion. Choosing camping is therefore the most economical solution , unlike other forms of accommodation.

If you are keen to limit your expenses, but also your ecological footprint , camping is a good example of responsible tourism . You contribute to limiting the impact of your holidays on the environment, in particular if you opt for an eco-labelled campsite . These establishments pay particular attention to the management of water and waste so as not to damage the natural environment in which they are located.

Going camping also allows you to experience a form of slow tourism where you live to the rhythm of nature . In addition, travel is often limited to French or European territory, so we swap a plane trip for a family car trip, like in the good old days! Many travelers have experienced it over the past two years, it is not necessary to go very far to get away from it all and fill up with positive energy.

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